TWin is a user interface toolkit for MUD programmers. The server-side portion is is installed on Waterpoint. It requires client-side support, in the form of an application which implements the TWin MCP protocol.

The Java TWin client shipped with the MOO server-side portion and is the "supported" TWin client for Waterpoint (to the extent that anything on Waterpoint is supported). Skip to installing the client for information about the Waterpoint distribution of TWin Java client.

Networker and Marn have implemented some TWin support for their clients. Interested parties can ask them about their implementations.


Since TWin is implemented as an MCP protocol, clients which connect to the usual port (8301) which advertise TWin support will be able to use it. However, since the Java TWin client is not competitive with other MUD clients for the usual text-based mudding, Waterpoint has an alternate port for a TWin client to connect to.

Connections to port 3969 with a TWin client can authenticate as a user connected to port 8301. This will allow the user to use the TWin client to handle the TWin protocol, and their usual mud client to handle everything else. The Waterpoint TWin client distribution is configured to connect in this way. For more information about how this works, read about the MCP listener.

Installing the TWin client

The Waterpoint TWin client is based on the TWin Java client distributed with TWin with a modified configuration to connect automatically to the TWin MCP port as well as some other changes.

The most up to date version is available via Java Web Start. If you have Java Web Start installed, you may Launch the JWS version of TWin now.

The stock TWin Java client is distributed with the TWin server code on the TWin home page.