Waterpoint TWin distribution version history

WP Release 1.2 / June 20, 2008
  • Upgraded required JVM to 1.5+
  • Fixed \r\n bug in StringList
  • Changes for UTF-8 (not really tested so much)
WP Release 1.1 / April 27, 2002
  • Created Java Web Start installation package.
  • Modified IBLine and OOBLine event handling to not create event objects, instead having the interfaces directly pass the Strings around.
  • Modified MCP tracing behavior to only perform the tracing if the MCP Trace window is visible. This prevents the application from silently building a large MCP trace log when it is not being looked at.
  • Replaced numerous printStackTrace() calls with calls to log4j calls. In this release, log4j is configured to log to the console as well, so there is little visible effect from this change, but a future release will do something smarter.
  • Some behind-the-scenes support for potential future Waterpoint-created widgets (created the package, modified the widget path). There are a couple widgets partially implemented, but they are not visible currently.
  • Modified TypeOut to use the Swing JTextArea instead of the AWT widget.
WP Release 1.0 / June 2001
Changes from 1.0b6 AT&T release:
  • InstallAnywhere/Now Java installer
  • Configuration to connect to Waterpoint's port 3969
  • Created Waterpoint distribution from AT&T source