Connecting to Waterpoint

Waterpoint requires no special clients. We do recommend you use a client designed to connect to MUDs rather than telnet.


Waterpoint can be reached via browsers that support WebSockets via DecafMUD.

TLS port

Waterpoint can be reached via TLS at port 8302.

SSH gateway

Waterpoint has an experimental SSH gateway. Today it requires connecting via the interactive (cleartext port 8301, TLS port 8302) at least once to configure your player's .authorized_keys property to contain an OpenSSH-formatted public key.

Once that is configured, wait a few minutes for the sync process to make it available to the SSH gateway, and then you may ssh to Waterpoint using ssh -p 8322

Connections via the gateway can also use port forwarding to tunnel to localhost port 8301 (e.g. for use with conventional clients).

The current contract is experimental but will not change in a backwards incompatible way. More features may be added in the future. The most urgent are:

Common clients used on Waterpoint

Here are some clients some people use to connect to Waterpoint (sadly these have been dropping off as they stop being maintained):